Basketball BC

Basketball BC

This January, Physio Room Main will celebrate its 5 Year Anniversary. We wanted to make the day feel special and we thought what better way to accomplish this than by throwing party that includes basketball.

Although we will be celebrating five fun years, we will also be supporting a new partner – Basketball BC. We feel that a lot of our success thus far can be attributed to our strong focus on community. By supporting basketball BC we are able to align our passions (sports) with our values (community).

We will be asking for personal donations prior to the event (you haven’t been invited yet? Hit us up and we will send you an invite – although we are close to being full) AND encouraging any attendees to tip our bartenders and food truck as all proceeds will go to Basketball BC.

When we were deciding on who to partner we wanted to connect with local charity in which our donation would go towards something tangible.

For every 100 dollars we raise, basketball can support 1 more player through its Steve Nash Youth Basketball. If you feel up for it, you can even donate right NOW.

We can’t wait for January 14th!

The team at Physio Room