Behind the Logo by Nick Lo

Behind the Logo by Nick Lo

A logo is a visual representation of the company brand. A perfect logo is simple, yet memorable.

When we designed our logo in 2011, we wanted it to speak to our values, culture, and the community that Physio Room represents. Here are some of the key elements:

• The P with the DOT make an R, hence Physio Room (surprised lot of people don’t know this)

• The P represents 3 words that speak to what we do:
   – Prehab: prepare your body in order to prevent injuries
   – Play: get out there and enjoy what the world has to offer
   – Perform: be the best version of yourself and crush your goals

• The P also represents a negative word that we all know as PAIN, but we were very careful in creating a circle around the P, as a subtle way to say that we have it under control =)

• The PR itself in sports lingo stands for ‘Personal Record’

• As you can see from the image, every element in the logo is created to represent balance and symmetry, both of which are principles that heavily guide our treatment philosophy

• A circle stand for: unity, community, friendship, love, relationships, partnership, and eternal commitment (haha don’t freak out, we just mean we’ll do whatever it takes to get you better)

• We added an element of verticality by cutting a line through the middle of the P, but making sure that it is still connected at the top – this was done to represent standing tall together because as we all know, great things can only be achieved by helping each other

• Lastly, our logo colors:

– Orange: social, energetic, playful, lively, dynamic

– Charcoal grey: strength, power, sophistication, modern, future

• MEANING: Very simply, the color orange represents our culture, team, and community. Charcoal grey represents education and innovation.

So there you have it. We’ve heard everything from “It looks like a Playstation logo” to “Is that like some dude kicking a ball?”, and (believe it or not) even “That’s like a snake (specifically black mamba of course) dribbling a basketball right?” hahaha LOL. You serious?!?

Thank you so much to 22 Creative Studio for the simple, yet memorable creation.