Carl Cachia

BSc.PT, MSc. (Rehab Science), CERT MANIP PT, CAFCI, GIMS

Carl graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in Malta in 2004. He subsequently moved to Canada to continue his Masters in Rehabilitation at Queen´s University. He was fortunate enough to complete a Sports Physiotherapy fellowship at the University of Western Ontario, followed by a Masters in Manipulative Therapy in 2012. Carl´s comprehensive post-graduate training has allowed him the ability to use advanced manual therapy skills, including manipulation, to improve mobility and function for his clients. He is also trained in using IntraMuscular Stimulation (IMS) which he completed at UBC in 2013.

Carl continues to take numerous courses to improve his skills. He looks forward to completing more functional therapy and movement courses to help patients move better, get stronger and function more effectively in their daily and/or sport environments. Carl developed an interest in sports and running injuries after working with numerous athletes and runners over the years.

Besides working, he loves playing soccer, travelling and trying different sushi restaurants in Vancouver!

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