Nadine Stunzi


Something personal: Each day, I try to build towards the common good and grow constructively through random little challenges. Being a great, adventurous and healthy member of my community, to me is the ultimate daily intention! Team work makes the dream work!

PT philosophy: Quite simply, I love physio and being a physical therapist is simply a tool towards building healthier bodies and better communities. I fundamentally believe we are meant to move dynamically and connect with our bodies. The body has an amazing adaptive capacity and power to heal; smart mindful movement takes you there.

Working to improve: I plan to pursue further education and training in sport’s physio, obtaining my sports physio diploma and potentially working as a team physio one day!

My interests: To stay strong I train regularly doing cross-fit circuits and cardio any way that I can outdoors! To keep it light, I love outdoor play in powdery snow and ocean waves, surfing, snowboarding and kite-surfing are my happy places. Lastly, did I mention that I love all foods green and hard cheese?!

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