PRFILES – A fun inside look into our crew 😏

PRFILES – A fun inside look into our crew 😏

Deanna Bicego @deannathephysio
Physio/Owner – Oak Street Location

Q: What has having an injury taut you?
A: About 5 years ago I had a bad back injury (herniated disc) and had to stop playing soccer, running, cycling, triathlon etc. I remember how everyday activities like going for a walk was difficult. I’d avoid going out with friends since I couldn’t sit for longer than a few minutes. I have always empathized with my clients, but this taut me and made me realize just how life-altering an injury can be. Being active is such a big part of my life so it was frustrating not being able to do the things I enjoy. I feel it helped me be a better physio as it taut me patience and allowed me to connect even more with my clients.

Q: Fitness goals for 2017?
A: I have a couple but I’d love to sign up for a few running races this year. It’s pretty motivating partnering up with @vanrunco for our #owntherun package and seeing how fun and dedicated the running community is.

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: Watching the Bachelor…we have a Physio Room bachelor whatsapp group…you should see the thread 😂

Q: Do you collect anything?
A: Not really, but I have a lot of cookbooks and I keep buying them! I LOVE food and cooking, but I especially love looking at photos of food and different dishes to try. I really need to actually use them!

Q: Favourite quote?
A: Right now, it’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

At Physio Room we are trying to be that change in our profession. We strive to provide consistent, innovative care that puts our clients first and improves their wellbeing. We put a lot of emphasis on working as a team and building/being a part of a community. We are trying to push the boundaries of our industry and I’m excited for what 2017 will bring!

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