Robyn Elliott

Robyn Elliott

Robyn has always had a fascination for the human body and a love for being active and outside. This fueled her to complete her Master’s of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia. Her many active pursuits have included coaching swimming, competing in rowing, participating in triathlon clubs, hiking mountains, practicing yoga/meditation/pilates and rock climbing. Living such an active lifestyle has inspired her to support others in realizing their own healthy living goals.

Robyn strives to foster meaningful connections with clients and empower them with tools to restore optimal movement patterns, decrease pain and dysfunction and to achieve their many activity/participation goals. She utilizes many techniques including acupuncture, exercise rehabilitation, soft tissue therapies, joint mobilizations techniques and many more. She is passionate about furthering her education by taking courses in orthopaedic manual therapy and acquiring varied experience working as a community therapist and as a clinical director for Special Olympics BC.

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